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Intelligent Excellence (BI & Data Mining)

Intelligent Excellence (BI & Data Mining)

WeLogic.BI (Business Intelligence) is the pinnacle of intelligent information systems. It is a product which allows direct information management by the business, with free selection of the items that wants to display or export in statistics and graphs.
Business Intelligence is the ultimate tool for business intelligence that offers various features in decision-making, which are critical for the assurance and expansion of the sales cycle in a company as well as the elicitation of important information of administrative concern and control.

WeLogic.BI uses technology in order to achieve effective entrepreneurship from the inwardness of the organization. Inwardness is any factor or information that shapes an effective image in the organization. WeLogic.BI allows "smart" users to produce new information from the existing ones. In this way, they can deal with various problems, without being dependent on external analysts.

The specifics covered by WeLogic.BI add unique flexibility in the productive function of the modern enterprise.

It includes:

  • M.I.S.
  • Financial Documenter
  • Spread Sheet Manager

The integrated WeLogic.BI MIS works on the design and illustration of information with modern methodologies and hybrid algorithms.

WeLogic.BI FD (Financial Documenter) is the composition of word and excel, with direct connection with the database data.

WeLogic.BI SSM (Spread Sheet Manager) is the combination of MIS and Excel-like editable cells. It displays the data and allows you to add or change them.