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Technology Excellence Systems (Fax, Mail, Telephony, GPS)

Technology Excellence Systems (Fax, Mail, Telephony, GPS)

OnLine Data has invested in a number of technologies that are classified and identified only through the definition of the term "innovation". 
The section of information extensions belonging to the Technology Excellence family covers every business need for technological intelligence, facilitating the daily production process of the modern enterprise.

WeLogic Telephony
The Telephony system is the interface of the IP call centers with the central CRM or ERP system of OnLine Data, regardless of the vertically integrated market to which is addressed. It operates with all IP call centers.

WeLogic Fax
Direct connection with the company's Microsoft Fax Server and automatic sending of faxes via WeLogic.CRM. 

WeLogic.CRM &WeLogic Mail
Total control and synchronization with the mail server of the company, whether it is exchange or any other solution (POP3, etc.)

WeLogic GPS
Interface with all known systems of geographical location. Data Upload & Download, calculation of kilometres, distribution points, etc..

WeLogic FuelKey
Interface with special electronic fuel depots, consumption indicators.