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EDI Innovative Excellence

EDI Innovative Excellence

The current business environment has become extremely competitive. The global competition, the economic conditions and the limited production circle created a significantly demanding market. As a means of competition, organizations are evolving with strategy targeting, customer direction and technological infrastructure.

The use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) helps companies to support their objectives and orientations, while reducing their costs at the same time.

EDI is the only solution in order to reduce the process-execution cycle, providing responsible and proper informative management of customer needs.

Data sharing has always been an important factor in the business operation. Especially when companies or organizations operate with different computer systems, this approach gets even more difficult.

WeLogic.EDI is globally the first developed system of data exchange in the form of finished product. It is unique because it is an integrated product which offers the possibility of an open configuration. The user has the ability to create its own messaging platform in any form.

It operates:

  • regardless of database (SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL)
  • regardless of receipt file format (ASCII, EXCEL, CSV, etc.)
  • regardless of file uploads (ASCII, EXCEL, CSV, etc.)
  • regardless of message structure (EDIFACT, Custom etc.)


It covers:

  • All UN EDIFACT message formats for all "markets"
  • Automatic Sending / Receipt via FTP