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TMS Transport Management System

OnLine Data’s Transport Management System is the only complete solution of information technology with direction in the Transport sector. It is addressed to all business sizes and all activities of the sector.
It is uniquely flexible and functional and provides excellent automation and information. It is designed with the most modern technological tools and will represent a responsible and realistic partner, by offering growth and future to your business.
It interfaces with all Online Data’s information systems, thus providing a unique ecosystem of information entities, with a view to the holistic monitoring of every business activity.

WeLogic Ecosystem

On Line Data’s vision is to Research, Design, Develop and Market a Holistic Extended Enterprises Information System (HEEIS), thus an ecosystem focused in the Transportation Sector that will be supported by cloud technologies, under the trade mark "WeLogic Ecosystem".
The WeLogic Ecosystem encapsulates a wide angle of business activities. This represents thousands of individual companies with different scope and objective. On the same time large scale organizations, are encapsulating, a total of different business activities, acting as “many to one” company.

“Ecosystem” conveys the idea that all the pieces of an economy come together in particular places, and that their strength and interactions determine prosperity and economic growth. In Silicon Valley there is a sense that you prosper only because you’re surrounded by lots of resources that make it possible to succeed, beyond what your own entity controls. Think of it as your garden, where you need fertile soil, seeds, and other ingredients to make things grow…
Four issues strike me as key: turning ideas into enterprises; linking small and large businesses; better connecting education to jobs; and encouraging cross-sector collaboration. Each focuses on actions on the ground, in different regions, within our national and business contexts—whatever those may be.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Arbuckle professor of business administration, in HBS’s general management unit and Chairman & Director of the Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative