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In OnLine Data we are business management consultants, specializing in the implemention of well proven management for profitability and organizational improvement. We deeply know and understand all challenges that companies are facing in today's fast-paced and competitive climate.

Business Plans

Every business starts with a strong business plan – it is the foundation and the building block of every company. A good business plan will not only be the blueprint of your business but it will also provide you with a good entry into many doors, including the door of investors and financial institutions. The due diligence of starting a company can be overwhelming. With our help, we can provide an excellent plan for you.

Strategic Planning

Most companies and organizations need a vision and strategic plan but few have it. Your Plan will put you ahead of many of your competitors. You will now have short and long-term goals for your business in key performance areas which will help you stay focused. Your business activities or issues, such as operating costs, customer satisfaction, quality of goods or services, etc., will subsequently be improved with a more focused vision.

Project Management & Implementation Management


You will be able to pursue urgent business activities without spreading your resources too thin and sacrificing your ability to implement great business initiatives. In addition, our professional assistance in project management will accelerate the project initiation process and enhance its success.

CRM & BRM Consulting & Informations Solutions

Busines Relationship Management (BRM) is the only tool that can provide you with the ability to act effectively and forecast your business future, as it offers the ability to manage the full range of your business partners (customers, suppliers, partners).


Today, Consulting Services are the most valuable tool for Business Management. OnLine Data's great expertise is focused on Transport, Logistics & Maritime Solutions.