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In the modern environment in which it operates, On Line Data is consistent with the happenings of the time and understands its place as part of the wider society. Recognizing the impact of its operations and its responsibility towards the social environment, it always remains sensitive towards social issues. For this reason, On Line Data ensures the continued strengthening of its social action, by supporting voluntary and other organizations, such as:
  • The smile of the child
  • Primary Schools of Drapetsona – Keratsini
  • Primary Education of Egialia

At the same time, On Line Data has integrated in its business practices the meaning of the Internal Social Responsibility, by establishing a healthy working environment, with equal opportunities, respect for human rights and emphasis on continuing education and advancement of its employees. Moreover, it has ensured the implementation and ongoing maintenance of a Code of Ethics in the entire spectrum of communication with its counterparts (clients - suppliers), corporate partners and society.