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Resource Management Systems (RMS - Fleet MS - Plant MS)

Resource Management Systems (RMS - Fleet MS - Plant MS)

The substantial knowledge in transportation and distribution that On Line Data has acquired in its long-term course in Information Systems Physical Distribution is the basis for the implementation of this innovative and unique in Greece fleet management system (STOLOS™ Logistics Fleet Management).

STOLOS™ is a tool that organizes, streamlines and determines the operating costs of the Fleet Management Department (Transport Office).

It is addressed with specific customization to companies and organizations with owned fleet of vehicles and equipment.

It consists of three different directions:

  • Task Management
  • Value Management
  • Quality Management


Task Management
It defines and monitors the daily process in an easy way, providing rapid entry, direct control and ease of use. It does not require specialized staff.

Value Management
It monitors without additional entries the costing image of the department. It does not burden the daily work.

Quality Management
It offers qualitative information, by extracting important information for decision making with multiple factors that affect the department’s operation. It offers the image of quality measurement of transport means, human resources and furthermore of customer service in the area of distribution.

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