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Digital Document Management - UniDoMS


   A major concern of every small or large business is the efficient management of the multitude of documents that receives and sends on a daily basis. How can these documents be archived without spending time and storage space? How easy and safe is their recovery at the right time? The solution is simple and has a name. UniDoMS

    UniDoMS is the new and innovative suite of OnLine Data, that aims to minimize the time and volume of managing each company's incoming and outgoing documents, as well as optimizing its use, receipt, and shipping, maintenance and storage. In an average business, the volume of documents is doubled annually by 22% on paper. UniDoMS allows you to reduce the amount of paper and physical storage space and dramatically minimises archiving time and associated costs.

   UniDoMS can be implemented in all businesses –regardless of the ERP they use- enabling them to have full control of their documents, simply, quickly and safely, without having to print and store. UniDoMS can not only provide a direct and absolutely correct archiving but also a significant reduction of the company's operating costs.

   For this particular suite, OnLine Data has chosen to collaborate with Fujitsu. Fujitsu offers a wide range of image scanners that cover every need, regardless of company size, while their advanced technology guarantees the best possible result, eliminating the disaster risk of the original document.

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