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  • Transport Management Systems (ERP & TMS)
    OnLine Data Transport Management System (TMS) is the only complete solution of information technology systems with direction in the Transport sector. It is addressed to all business sizes and all activities of the sector.
  • Warehouse Management Systems - Logistics & Distribution
    PARMENION WMS is the most versatile and unique integrated solution in the areas of warehousing and logistics. With substantial and accumulated knowledge and experience, PARMENION WMS is historically the first Greek WMS Information System launched in 1993.
  • Financial Information Systems (ERP - FIS)
    Financial services are the cornerstone for the legal tax position of the company. Moreover, they require full and clear organization, both in terms of automation and in terms of process.
    We believe and implement information infrastructures that not only assist in the accounting routine but also protect the enterprise from errors and omissions.
    With knowledge and responsibility, we offer advanced financial management systems, covering even the most demanding processes.
  • Resource Management Systems (RMS - Fleet MS - Plant MS)
    The substantial knowledge in transportation and distribution that the On Line Data has acquired in its long-term course in Information Systems Physical Distribution is the basis for the implementation of this innovative and unique in Greece fleet management system (STOLOS™ Logistics Fleet Management)
  • Business and Customer Relationship Management (BRM - CRM)
    WeLogic.CRM is an integrated platform for Customer Relationship Management. It is designed to help business processes in the communication with customers, the automatic creation and monitoring of offers and sales as well as the common use of information from all departments.
  • Intelligent Excellence (BI & Data Mining)
    WeLogic.BI (Business Intelligence) is the pinnacle of intelligent information systems. It is a product which allows direct information management by the business, with free selection of the items that wants to display or export. 
  • Technology Excellence Systems (Fax, Mail, Telephony, GPS)
    OnLine Data has invested in a number of technologies that are classified and identified only through the definition of the term "innovation". 
    The section of information extensions belonging to the Technology Excellence family covers every business need for technological intelligence, facilitating the daily production process of the modern enterprise.
  • EDI Innovative Excellence
    EDI is the ultimate solution in order to reduce the process-execution cycle, providing responsible and proper informative management of customer needs and simultaneous cost reduce.
    WeLogic.EDI is globally the first developed system of data exchange in the form of finished product.
  • Mobility - On the Move
    WeLogic technological platform has created a series of solutions concerning on the web & smart device need for integrated IT processes. WeLogic.Mobile solution platform is characterized by two main sections:WeLogic.Portals and WeLogic.Mobility. The first one takes advantage of the Internet function and the second of the smart phones and tablets’ technology.